Galileo Learning Summit

The 2013 Galileo Learning Summit hosted at Fraser High School had over 450 educators in attendance. The day was kicked off with a keynote by Will Richardson that got everyone thinking about what our classrooms look like compared to what they could look like. He promoted connected learning and creativity over rote knowledge and content. In the end, we need and can have both. Modern classrooms have the ability to integrate technology, teach content, and foster creativity in students. Modern classrooms can be a place of collaborative learning and authentic creation. Available to students and teachers in 2013 are a variety of powerful technologies that can support teaching and learning. I gave two presentations at the 2013 Galileo Learning Summit, each of which attended to incorporating available technologies and apps into the classroom in practical ways.

5 Indispensible Instructional Strategies Supported By Technology




Getting Started With BYOD In the Classroom


  • WHO: In the 2nd session, I presented my Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) classroom.
  • WHAT: This session focused on what BYOD looks like in a classroom and how to get started with mobile devices in your classroom.
  • WHERE: You can get the slides here: All Aboard the BYOD Express!
  • WHY: Students have devices, let’s teach them within their own context


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