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ASCC 05: Dynamic and Interactive Maps of the Earth For All to Use

This fifth featured post in A Series of Classroom Connections comes to us from the high school science classroom of Troy Hernandez at Grosse Pointe South High School. What did Earth’s continents and oceans look like 250 million years ago, or even 1 billion years ago? What do we know about the climate back when our […]

Bringing Down Classroom & School Walls With Technology

Episode 005: Bringing Down Walls With Technology  Josh Stumpenhorst 2012 Illinois Teacher of the Year Twitter: @stumpteacher On the program this week, Teachers of the Year Radio welcomes Josh Stumpenhorst, a junior high Language Arts and Social Science teacher from Lincoln Junior High School in Naperville, IL, who is the 2012 Illinois Teacher of the Year. In […]

ASCC 04: Screencasting to Demonstrate Fluency in the World Language Classroom

This fourth featured post in A Series of Classroom Connections comes to us from the Spanish classroom of Joanna Porvin at Brownell Middle School. How do students prove that they are developing spoken fluency in another language? While this skill is typically assessed in person by a teacher through conversations, this task can become a challenge to manage […]

ASCC 03: High School Biology Students Capture Breath-Taking Microscope Images With Smartphone Cameras

This third featured post in A Series of Classroom Connections comes to us from the high school biology classroom of Liz Michaels at Grosse Pointe North High School.  In my high school Biology, Physiology and Microbiology classes, it is expected that all students have the ability to use a microscope and analyze what is being observed underneath it. Never before have […]

ASCC 02: How Social Media Can Fuel Learning In the Classroom

This second featured post in A Series of Classroom Connections comes to us from the middle school life skills classroom of Taylor Barczyk at Brownell Middle School. When tapping into the life of a middle school students, it is apparent that they are constantly on their mobile devices. Parents, teachers, and others regularly wonder, “what are they doing?” They […]

ASCC 01: Teaching Kids to Keyboard With Typing.com

This first featured post in A Series of Classroom Connections (ASCC) comes to us from the grade three library media class of Cathy Sullivan at Kerby Elementary School. The days of video and book-based programs only for learning to type are now ones of the past. With the availability of free web-based tools and instantaneous feedback provided […]

What EDU Can Learn From EDM 1

—- This post comes cross-posted from the Radiate Positivity blog, and it is a reflection on a featured presentation entitled ‘Techno Teaching‘ that I gave at MACUL 2015 Conference. Sam Kohl, the blog’s author, did such a great job capturing the essence of my presentation, that I decided to let her tell you about the salient points of my talk: […]