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ASCC 10: Digital Post Cards in the World Language Classroom

This tenth featured post in A Series of Classroom Connections comes to us from the French classroom of Joanna Porvin at Brownell Middle School. Introductory language curriculum focuses on the expressions necessary for day-to-day conversations. These topics require a greater context to fully engage learners. The virtual post card project expands students’ knowledge of the communities where their target […]

ASCC 08: Making Thinking Visible and Collaborative With Padlet 1

This eighth featured post in A Series of Classroom Connections comes to us from the math classroom of Devin Cox at Grosse Pointe North High School. Padlet is an app that generates a digital space for collaboration. Being a web-based app, it doesn’t require download, and it can be used in a variety of different ways from brainstorming to […]

ASCC 07: Three Easy Ways to Get Started With Apple TV In the Classroom

This seventh featured post in A Series of Classroom Connections comes to us from the Economics classroom of Brian Degnore at Grosse Pointe North High School.  When I first saw a colleague using an Apple TV in their classroom, I was intrigued and fascinated as to how I could use the same device in my classroom. Since obtaining an […]

ASCC 04: Screencasting to Demonstrate Fluency in the World Language Classroom

This fourth featured post in A Series of Classroom Connections comes to us from the Spanish classroom of Joanna Porvin at Brownell Middle School. How do students prove that they are developing spoken fluency in another language? While this skill is typically assessed in person by a teacher through conversations, this task can become a challenge to manage […]

ASCC 01: Teaching Kids to Keyboard With

This first featured post in A Series of Classroom Connections (ASCC) comes to us from the grade three library media class of Cathy Sullivan at Kerby Elementary School. The days of video and book-based programs only for learning to type are now ones of the past. With the availability of free web-based tools and instantaneous feedback provided […]

Teacher Leadership Challenge | September 6, 2013

This is the first post in a multipart series that is intended to help teachers grow their leadership practice and ignite conversations about education. The goal of a teacher leader is to improve the learning of all students through their efforts, collaboration, and influence. The 2014 Teacher Leadership Challenge is a weekly installment activity that poses […]

Digital Activities For Visual Literacy 16

Visual literacy is the ability to construct meaning from or communicate meaning through information presented in the form of an image. While it may seem like this could only be applicable to the elementary student, visual literacy pervades all subject areas, disciplines, and grade levels in schools. From identifying patterns, to understanding modern art, to interpreting and […]