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Being Michigan Teacher of the Year: Reflections On a Three-Year Ripple Effect in Teaching

It’s been three years since I was selected as the 2013-14 Michigan Teacher of the Year and, as a result, my work in education continues to have a ripple effect that goes well beyond the four walls of his classroom. Back in May of 2013, I was teaching physics students about how electrical circuits worked and our […]

ASCC 13: How to Sell a Colony in 30 Days

This thirteenth, and final, featured post in A Series of Classroom Connections comes to us from the Social Studies classroom of former Parcells Middle School teacher, now Brownell Middle School principal, Rodger Hunwick. Resourcefulness is key in the educational technology worlds of yesteryear and today. Educators have always made the most of the resources that they have […]

Michigan Students to See Shorter Standardized Tests in 2016

On Thursday August 20th, the Michigan Department of Education publicized changes to its state assessments for elementary, middle, and high school students beginning in spring of 2016.  After its first year of implementing the new Michigan State Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) to students, the Office of Assessment and Accountability at the Michigan Department of Education […]

How Teachers and Policy Makers Can Collaborate FTW

Episode 008 – Collaborating With Education Policy Makers Beth Maloney Twitter: @DaringToTeach 2014 Arizona Teacher of the Year On the program this week, Teachers of the Year Radio welcomes Beth Maloney, the 2014 Arizona Teacher of the Year. Beth is a 5th grade teacher in Surprise, AZ and a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT.) Beyond preparing youngsters for their transition to […]

Why Developing Student Character Outweighs Test Scores

Episode 006: Character Education Jeff Baxter 2014 Kansas Teacher of the Year Twitter: @MobyJeff On the program this week, Teachers of the Year Radio welcomes Jeff Baxter, an AP Language and Composition Teacher at Leavenworth High School who is the 2014 Kansas Teacher of the Year.  Jeff also holds a Juris Doctorate from Washburn University School of […]

Bullying of LGBTQ and Special Needs Youth + Ways to Respond

Episode 004: Responses To Bullying Brett Bigham 2014 Oregon Teacher of the Year Twitter: @2014ORTOY On the program this week, Teachers of the Year Radio welcomes Brett Bigham, the 2014 Oregon Teacher of the Year.  Brett received the 2015 NEA Foundation Excellence in Education Award and the NEA LGBT 2015 Teacher Role Model Award.  He is […]

Eversight Michigan: A Vision For Making Vision a Reality

Ask the average adult how they might imagine a better world and they would likely share their vision for less violence, poverty, and injustice. A better world begins by envisioning it; however, seeing the world as a better place first requires sight. What happens then when the capacity for vision is entirely absent, and a […]