Essential Apps For Teachers & Students

At the beginning of the school year, I encourage the students in my classroom to take the most advantage of the devices that they have and bring to class. Though having a certain device is not required, we want to encourage students to learn ways to use devices as tools for productivity and learning. In the first days of class, students explore this essential list of apps that can be used in class throughout the year. Teachers alike can capitalize on these apps, using them with their students or for their own productivity. Each app works to help you stay organized, be in communication, collaborate, or take part in active learning in class. Most of these apps also have a web-based version; but best of all, these apps are free!

Click the links below to install Evernote to your mobile device:Evernote is a fantastic application for keeping digital notes and notebooks. Although this may sound straight-forward and simple, Evernote is as sophisticated as you want to make it for yourself. You can include text, photos, audio, and even handwritten notes or screenshots (with other cooperative apps) to document anything you want! This year, we will be using Evernote to share and keep notes from class experiments and discussions. The notebooks for each class are listed below, and all you have to do to view them online is click on “View.” If you want them to be part of your Evernote account, you can Join Notebook once you’re on the view screen of that notebook. Then, you’ll log in with your Evernote account and voilla! The notebook will show up in your shared notebooks list on any device!

Click the links below to install Evernote to your computer or laptop: