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Digital Activities For Visual Literacy 16

Visual literacy is the ability to construct meaning from or communicate meaning through information presented in the form of an image. While it may seem like this could only be applicable to the elementary student, visual literacy pervades all subject areas, disciplines, and grade levels in schools. From identifying patterns, to understanding modern art, to interpreting and […]

Putting the ‘Ed’ Back Into “EdTech”

The 2013 Galileo Learning Summit hosted at Fraser High School had over 450 educators in attendance. The day was kicked off with a keynote by Will Richardson that got everyone thinking about what our classrooms look like compared to what they could look like. He promoted connected learning and creativity over rote knowledge and content. In […]

5 Unbeatable Uses For Evernote In the Science Classroom 4

With more and more students bringing devices into classrooms across all grade levels, and with many schools going 1:1, a need to move toward digital notes is ever increasing. While teachers who use interactive whiteboards or tablets in the classroom have the ability to create a digital copy of their notes in PDF format to […]

Preparing Your Classroom For Digital Notes 2

  Some students write feverishly to keep up with the teacher, copying down verbatim what is on the board or projected via slideshow, while others add annotations to notes provided on slide handouts. Over the years, classroom teachers have modeled note-taking skills to their students in many ways. Taking full advantage of available note-taking technologies and […]

Does Blended Learning Have a Place in the Classroom? [INFOGRAPHIC] 4

Consider the current teaching and learning that takes place in your conventional classroom. It’s likely that there are some great things going on there already. Class discussions, hands-on activities, and group projects may be a few of the first things that come to mind; however, there are some other elements of a traditional classroom experience […]

Connected Educators Un/Conference 2013

At the inaugural ConnectedEDU Un/Conference this past April, a team of educators from around the state of Michigan presented on something powerful from their classroom instruction toolbox. Each teacher had their classroom featured as part of the REMC of Michigan’s Connected Educator Series Project. My classroom was featured in this series because of our use of […]

Introduce Yourself to the BYOD Classroom [INFOGRAPHIC] 1

Students using their own device in the classroom? No. It cannot be! It is prohibited! Or…is it? Recently, I discovered that I am part of some “73% of teachers,” according to an article published by Mashable, who are using cell phones in the classroom with students for learning activities. Leveraging mobile devices for learning is […]