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Common…Core! What Is It Good For?

When it comes to the Common Core, one of the toughest questions remaining is, “How does this impact my teaching?” Some argue that the Common Core shifts require teachers to abandon all that they know about instruction, while others think it is not much of a game-changer at all. So, how might we determine whether […]

How to Avoid Apple TV Content Overload

Apple TV is an amazing (and inexpensive) little device, used in many classrooms and homes, which lets you access content from a variety of web sources and display the mirror image of your iOS device (called “mirroring”) screen wirelessly using AirPlay to your display. But sometimes there can be too much content, and that can distract from […]

Teacher Leadership Challenge | October 18, 2013 1

This is a multipart series of posts intended to help teachers grow their leadership practice and ignite conversations about education online and in person. The goal of a teacher leader is to improve the learning of all students through their efforts, collaboration, and influence. The 2014 Teacher Leadership Challenge is a weekly installment activity that poses a […]

Why Every Educator Needs a Visit From a Penguin 2

How often do others get to witness the great things that happen in your classroom, school, or district? Well, of course, the students see it regularly, but how about others? Likely, it’s not that often. This could be for a variety of reasons, but often we in education are not able to share the great […]

Is the iPad Mightier Than the Interactive Whiteboard? 2

The 2013 MACUL Conference in Detroit, MI featured myriad sessions on the use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom as well as iPads in education. Vendors in the exhibit hall tried to show the most appealing features of their product while teachers shared their best uses for technology. An interesting question arose during the conference: […]