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What EDU Can Learn From EDM 1

—- This post comes cross-posted from the Radiate Positivity blog, and it is a reflection on a featured presentation entitled ‘Techno Teaching‘ that I gave at MACUL 2015 Conference. Sam Kohl, the blog’s author, did such a great job capturing the essence of my presentation, that I decided to let her tell you about the salient points of my talk: […]

How I Achieved #InboxZero With These Four Steps and You Can Too! 1

How do you feel when your inbox is overflowing, cluttered, or overwhelming? Stressful, isn’t it? When things are cluttered or piled in your physical life, it can stifle productivity and create barriers for you to be at your best. Email is no different. The Inbox Zero philosophy can be a major step to improving that in your […]

Evaluating Teaching With Google Apps: A Case Study

What do you get when you take the free web-based collaboration and productivity tools of Google Apps and use them to power teaching evaluation? The result is a system that returns money and time to schools and transforms evaluation into a more collaborative process for all involved. Find out how one large public school district […]

20 Things in 2 Minutes: No Tech Required!

What if I told you had just two minutes to remember 20 different things? And what if I offered you a million dollars if you could successfully remember the 20 things? Could you do it? Oh, and I almost forgot: you can’t use any mobile or computing device and you can’t write anything down. How would you […]

Common…Core! What Is It Good For?

When it comes to the Common Core, one of the toughest questions remaining is, “How does this impact my teaching?” Some argue that the Common Core shifts require teachers to abandon all that they know about instruction, while others think it is not much of a game-changer at all. So, how might we determine whether […]

Techno Teaching: What Educators Can Learn From DJs

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has seen a meteoric rise in popularity among youth culture in recent years, and DJs seem to have a recipe for success with young people down to a science. What have DJs figured out about how to reach and engage kids, and what lessons could educators learn takeaway for their schools? […]

The ShiftMich Idea Slam: A Unique Event to Bring Out Innovative Education Ideas and Fund Them

An emerging network, known as ShiftMich, is forming within the Michigan educator community and it’s out to connect the innovative people in Michigan schools. In just ten days, ShiftMich is making its debut with a unique event: the Idea Slam. Michigan has its largest educational technology conference coming up next week, organized by the MIchigan Association of Computer Users in Learning (MACUL,) in Detroit. […]