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How Teachers and Policy Makers Can Collaborate FTW

Episode 008 – Collaborating With Education Policy Makers Beth Maloney Twitter: @DaringToTeach 2014 Arizona Teacher of the Year On the program this week, Teachers of the Year Radio welcomes Beth Maloney, the 2014 Arizona Teacher of the Year. Beth is a 5th grade teacher in Surprise, AZ and a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT.) Beyond preparing youngsters for their transition to […]

The Impact of Teacher Retention on Education Equity

Episode 001: The Impact of Teacher Retention on Education Equity Jonathan Crossley 2014 Arkansas Teacher of the Year Twitter: @joncrossley_ar On the program this week, Teachers of the Year Radio welcomes Jonathan Crossley, a high school English and Drama teacher from the Mississippi Delta region of Arkansas, who is the 2014 Arkansas Teacher of the […]

The One Thing Michigan Education Needs (and It Has Nothing to Do With Money) 1

After spending 12 months serving the educators of the state of Michigan as the 2014 Michigan Teacher of the Year, I have learned a lot about what can help make education better. When you boil away all of the reforms, bills, and policy initiatives, it all comes down to trusting the professionals. In Michigan, we […]

Recommendations From Educators on Teacher Evaluation in Michigan

Last month, educators from Rochester Community Schools took part in a district site visit and round table discussion on teacher evaluation with State Representative Tom McMillin (45th House District, R-Rochester Hills) a current member, and former chair, of the House Education Committee. Throughout the day, teachers and administrators expressed their thoughts, questions, and wonderings about teacher evaluation. […]

Educators Provide Insight on Teacher Evaluation to House Education Committee

Teacher evaluation is a topic that has received a lot of attention in 2013. Earlier this year, the Michigan Council for Educator Effectiveness (MCEE) offered the recommendations and findings of their commissioned project on teacher evaluation in Michigan. According to their website, the MCEE was “created by Governor Rick Snyder and the legislature in 2011 as part of […]

Sophisticated and Complex Accountability Should Be the Focus For Schools

There has been a growing demand in the past decade for accountability in public education. Policy makers, students, families, and taxpayers all want teachers to be “held accountable.” Conventional accountability in teaching is based on student achievement on standardized tests and graduation rates. A current bill (MIHB4625) up for consideration in the Michigan House of […]

Could Performance Pay Work For Michigan Educators?

Since the introduction of House Bill 4625, it has been brought to my attention by Tom Gantert at the Mackinac Center that the Michigan Teacher of the Year earns a salary that ranks less than nearly 80% of the other teachers in the same district. It is argued that this is based primarily on years of experience or educational degrees earned. While […]