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ASCC 13: How to Sell a Colony in 30 Days

This thirteenth, and final,¬†featured post in A Series of Classroom Connections comes to us from the Social Studies classroom of former Parcells Middle School teacher, now Brownell Middle School principal, Rodger Hunwick. Resourcefulness is key¬†in the educational technology worlds of yesteryear and today. Educators have always made the most of the resources that they have […]

How to Trim Part of a YouTube Video and Play Back a Specific Time Range Clip 2

Many teachers want to use video in their classrooms, but may not always want a full-length video to play. Follow these instructions to get just a segment of a video and automatically play only that clip. Viral videos, instructional flipped-classroom videos, and videos to illustrate concepts. These are a few examples of how teachers are […]