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‘A Series of Classroom Connections’ Will Feature Tried-and-True Use Cases of Educational Technology 1

Being a high school science teacher has taught me many things about teaching and learning; however, it’s impossible to know, or do, it all. That’s why I’d like to highlight some of the great ideas I’ve come across in other teachers’ classrooms that I’ve seen in my time as an instructional coach for PreK-12th grade classrooms. […]

How to Trim Part of a YouTube Video and Play Back a Specific Time Range Clip 2

Many teachers want to use video in their classrooms, but may not always want a full-length video to play. Follow these instructions to get just a segment of a video and automatically play only that clip. Viral videos, instructional flipped-classroom videos, and videos to illustrate concepts. These are a few examples of how teachers are […]

The ShiftMich Idea Slam: A Unique Event to Bring Out Innovative Education Ideas and Fund Them

An emerging network, known as ShiftMich, is forming within the Michigan educator community and it’s out to connect the innovative people in Michigan schools. In just ten days, ShiftMich is making its debut with a unique event: the Idea Slam. Michigan has its largest educational technology conference coming up next week, organized by the MIchigan Association of Computer Users in Learning (MACUL,) in Detroit. […]

Teachers Are Connecting, Leading and Learning From the Classroom

This week is Valentine’s Day, a time to celebrate love. In the spirit of Cupid, teachers across the nation are sending social media “arrows” at the education profession through the #LoveTeaching Week campaign. Chats, PLNs, and sharing media of projects all help teachers to become connected educators. Using Twitter, teachers can easily connect and chat with other teachers around the world, all in real time. […]

On Teaching Students & Teachers

This post comes courtesy of WDET Radio’s Detroit Today Gary Abud, had an interesting path to becoming a teacher. He says that it started with an eye disease that required a cornea transplant at a young age, which led him to being interested in science and wanting to be a physician. It was only after […]

How to Avoid Apple TV Content Overload

Apple TV is an amazing (and inexpensive) little device, used in many classrooms and homes, which lets you access content from a variety of web sources and display the mirror image of your iOS device (called “mirroring”) screen wirelessly using AirPlay to your display. But sometimes there can be too much content, and that can distract from […]

8 Ideas For Using QR Codes at Parent-Teacher Conferences

QR Codes help us pass along information quickly using mobile devices, and they are seemingly everywhere. With the short amount of time teachers have to spend with families during conferences, QR Codes can help readily share general information with parents while they wait their turn to meet their child’s teacher.   What Are QR Codes? QR Codes […]