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When Students Are Uncertain, This Is How It Can Lead to Deeper Learning 1

Episode 003: Academic Risk Taking & the Power of Being Uncertain Karyn Dickerson 2014 North Carolina Teacher of the Year Twitter: @KDickersonNCTOY On the program this week, Teachers of the Year Radio welcomes Karyn Dickerson, an English teacher from Grimsley High School in Greensboro, NC, who is the 2014 North Carolina Teacher of the Year. In addition […]

What EDU Can Learn From EDM 1

—- This post comes cross-posted from the Radiate Positivity blog, and it is a reflection on a featured presentation entitled ‘Techno Teaching‘ that I gave at MACUL 2015 Conference. Sam Kohl, the blog’s author, did such a great job capturing the essence of my presentation, that I decided to let her tell you about the salient points of my talk: […]

The Impact of Teacher Retention on Education Equity

Episode 001: The Impact of Teacher Retention on Education Equity Jonathan Crossley 2014 Arkansas Teacher of the Year Twitter: @joncrossley_ar On the program this week, Teachers of the Year Radio welcomes Jonathan Crossley, a high school English and Drama teacher from the Mississippi Delta region of Arkansas, who is the 2014 Arkansas Teacher of the […]

How Educators Can Avoid Professional Summer Slide

This summer, how will you prevent summer slide from impacting you as an educator? As the temperature rises in the U.S., often learning cools off. For students who have a traditional summer recess from school, this impact on academics is known as the ‘summer slide,’ but did you know it affects educators too?  Teachers who […]

Five Inspiring Thoughts to Spark Your Self Efficacy

This month, my personal leadership inspiration comes to from Don Miguel Ruiz and his book The Fifth Agreement. In this “practical guide to self mastery,” Ruiz offers an essential list of five agreements we should have with ourselves to help improve how we operate in our work, love, and play. The Five Agreements: Be impeccable with […]

Evaluating Teaching With Google Apps: A Case Study

What do you get when you take the free web-based collaboration and productivity tools of Google Apps and use them to power teaching evaluation? The result is a system that returns money and time to schools and transforms evaluation into a more collaborative process for all involved. Find out how one large public school district […]

The ShiftMich Idea Slam: A Unique Event to Bring Out Innovative Education Ideas and Fund Them

An emerging network, known as ShiftMich, is forming within the Michigan educator community and it’s out to connect the innovative people in Michigan schools. In just ten days, ShiftMich is making its debut with a unique event: the Idea Slam. Michigan has its largest educational technology conference coming up next week, organized by the MIchigan Association of Computer Users in Learning (MACUL,) in Detroit. […]